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Now that the weather is finally getting nice I've been busy in my flower beds getting them ready for summer. In the past week and a half I've spread 40 bags of mulch and it's looking good. During this process I've come to the conculsion that the local wildlife is trying to kill me. That I haven't had a heart attack yet is purely miraculous.

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Well this was a fun and fairly painless way to to come out of lurkdom mode.

I've been tagged by [ profile] helenarickman for these two memes

HP Meme:

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Writing/drawing meme:

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I'm going to tag [ profile] mundungus42, [ profile] reynardo, [ profile] miamadwyn, and [ profile] m_mcgonagall_65

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Just passing this on since I posted recently about it. Apparently GE will not be able to be restored to transfer to AO3 (see copy of FB post below). If anyone did donate, (like I did) none of the donations were accepted. Here's what I did and it worked fine, go into your paypal account and cancel  the payment for that transaction, the money will be put into your own pay pal account. You can leave it there for future paypal payments or have it transferred back to your bank account, (I think there might be fees to do that though). I donated $20 and I'm thinking of just sending $10 each to ASH and TPP via paypal to keep the fanfic love alive. :)  I'm very sad to see GE go as I liked the Hermioine Centric nature of the site. :(

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Sending wishes your way for a magical day. Happy Birthday!
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As many may already know another archive is down. GE has been having difficulties for several months and has now been unaccessable for several weeks. There was a posting on the Granger Enchanted FB page( Here) earlier this week, that an effort is being made to save the stories by transfering them to AO3. To do this they are trying to raise enough funds to pay late fees, monthly fees, etc, to bring the archive back online long enough for the fics to be transfered.

I'm not personally affiliated with GE in any way, other than as a writer and a fan. I espcially liked Granger Enchanted as an archive because it's stories are Hermione centric. I've made a donation myself, and hope it helps, if not, at least I tried.

I'm going to copy the post here for those who are interested but are not on facebook (and I know there are people out there who aren't).
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Hope you have a fantastic birthday! Keep a look out, birthday girl, amazon should be delivering something to you within a few days.

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Jan. 28th, 2016 01:58 am
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It's been a week since we got back from our Arizona trip so I thought I'd better sort through and post a few pictures. Otherwise I've been known to procrastinate then eventually forget about doing it. For anyone who missed it, we flew into Las Vegas, rented a car and drove 1.5 hours south east to a little town called Dolan Springs (the name baffles me as there was no hint of a springs anywhere that I could see--very dry and deserty). There we rented an small guest house at and ostrich ranch. ( The Joshua Tree Ostrich Ranch and Guest House).

Warning: Pic-spam ahead.
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Awoke to the sad news of the loss of Alan Rickman. My children obviously know me well, as I received either a text, email or phone call from all four of them, commenting on the news and knowing how sad I would be.

Not being a huge David Bowie fan myself, when I heard about his passing earlier in the week, I was sorry to hear of it but not greatly affected. However the news of Alan's passing was heart wrenching to me. Like someone else here on my flist said--this one was personal.

When I became a Professor Snape fan and by association Alan Rickman, I started collecting his films and I have a good number of them already. I'll have to work on completing the collection, sadly I thought I'd have many more years of movies to enjoy and eventually to add from his body of work.

So I bid a sad adieu to a great man, he'll always be the voice of my Severus Snape.
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I hadn't menioned it before but hubby and I are off on a trip. It was sort of a last minute adventure, which I didn't plan or make reservations for until just before Christmas. See, I had a Delta travel voucher where when you buy one round trip continental US ticket, you get a companion fare for free(pluss taxes etc.) BUT, it was going to expire Jan 31, so I had to start exploring ideas quickly. I really liked what we did when we went to Scotland and Ireland last year--we rented a car and stayed in cottages and explored the area we were in. So I started exploring similar choices and found Home Away. We were interested in Arizona, as it is somewhere we've never been before. Anyway I found this listing Near Kingman AZ for a guest house rental on an ostrich ranch. Yeah, I know weird, right? Well, guess where I am right now? Yup, that's right the Joshua Tree Ostrich Ranch and Guesthouse. And getting here turned out to be more difficult than I ever expected due to some flight delays.

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I've finally got around to posting my [ profile] sshg_giftfest story, The Librarian, at both AO3 and and will likely post to a couple of other archives soon.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is having issues with's review response system (which doesn't let you repy in the reviews online, but links you to send the commentor an email message). I keep getting emails with new reviews, but when I try to click on the review response link it goes to a page that says 'we cannot find the review you are replying to'. And on the site if I click on the reviews it says I have x-number of reviews but it only shows the first eight reviews, which are from the first two days I posted. The rest of the reviews that I received email notifcation of aren't there. I know it must be something wonky with but is it doing this to everyone or just at random? Weird.


In other news, a brief real life update. Had a lovely family holiday celebration at our youngest daughters house in Manistee, with all four kids and their families the weekend before Christmas. Grandkids were cuddled, gifts were exchanged, games were played, much food was enjoyed and a good time was had by all. The biggest surprise gift was from oldest daughter: she and hubby gave us a card, after we read it there was a flap taped on that said open this for surprise (which I thought was a gift card...hey it was about that size) but it was much better, because under it was an ultrasound picture. Yup! Grandchild #5 is on the way, due in mid July. This will be #2 for that daughter...our family is growing.

Then hubby and I had a quiet Christmas day the next week with just the two of us. One son came out for gifts and dinner. (he is the only who is single and he still lives nearby).

New Years Eve and day were also quiet time as well which is fine with us, we aren't really big partiers. Movies and reading for me and football games for hubby.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season and are looking forward to the coming year!
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A HUGE THANK YOU to [ profile] rayvyn2k for the gorgeous fic she wrote for me at the [ profile] sshg_giftfest, titled To Have or Have Not.

Title: To Have or Have Not (The Severus & Hermione Version)
Pairing: Severus/Hermione, Lucius/Narcissa
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12K
Content: Elements of Noir. Off page torture. Off page death of OC family. Gruesome death of someone who deserves it. No other warnings apply.
Summary: Severus has left the Wizarding world and is living quietly as a Muggle boat captain in Dover, UK. He uses his boat to take tourists to Calais until Unspeakable Hermione shows up to ask a favor.
Author's Note: Prompt #5: After the war Severus survived he dropped out of the wizarding world. Several years later Hermione unexpectedly meets him again. Where do they meet, and what are they doing now? I'd like to see Severus doing something other than Potions or teaching, could be a related field or something completely different.
madeleone, your statement that Severus and Hermione are your "Bogey and Bacall" really struck a chord with me. When I received my assignment, I knew I had to find a way to work our heroes into one of B & B's movies. And which better than the one that started the real Bogey and Bacall romance?

I was totally blown away by this awesome fic. I had never seen the movie, but reading the Severus/Hermione version led me to seek it out as a Christmas gift for myself. Can't wait to watch it!
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And I can now admit to writing The Librarian, for [ profile] sabrebabe.  I decided to do a combination of two of her prompts, (prompt #3) Post War, Severus' books have seen much better days. Hermione needs a job that won't drive her crazy. Severus has old books and manuscripts that need TLC, binding, mending, and cataloguing. Perhaps Lucius's library has fallen on hard times, and needs a new home?
I also added something of prompt #2-Post War, Hermione has gone into seclusion and has taken up creating Magical Artifacts anonymously. Highly sought after and very expensive, the unknown artist has a long waiting list of offers. A Former not-quite-as-dead-as-they-thought Professor has been looking for the mysterious Craftsman (probably at Lucius' insistence). Why, and what happens next?

I'd also like to acknowledge and thank my lovely beta reader: [ profile] delphipsmith, and alpha reader: [ profile] morethansirius for all of their help and encouragement. Without their input this story would not have been possible. Thanks again ladies, you're both awesome!

Title: The Librarian
Pairing: Severus/Hermione, Luna/Blaise
Rating: (eventually) NC-17
Word Count: 42,170
Content: Romance, friendship, smut,
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters belong to JK Rowling and associates. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Severus needs someone to help him organize an inheritance, Dumbledore's private library. A tip leads him to a mysterious woman known only as the Librarian.
Author's Note: Unending thanks go to 'D' by lovely beta, and 'T' my alpha reader, two wonderful ladies who go above and beyond. Many thanks to sabrebabe for the awesome prompts. The story is a combination of two of your prompts, I hope I did them justice.
As usual the story sort of got away from me—I'm practically incapable of writing a one-shot. Also the locations in Orkney that I used for part of the story are real and I became quite fascinated by them while doing my research.


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