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I've signed up over at Crack_Broom to rec Hermione/Snape for November, but September and October are both wide open. Just sayin'. Spread some SS/HG love around. ;)
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I'm doing the HG/SS recs for August and posted my first rec today.

The crack_broom is a HP rec site that has been around for ages but it seems that of late there have been a servere shortage of rec'ers. In fact, I'm very sad to say that the only HG/SS recs for the entire year so far have been mine! I did a stint back in April and have now signed up for August.

If you love reading HG/SS and have some favorite fics you'd like to reccomend, please consider signing up for future months. Right now there is no one at all signed up for the rest of the year. It's not hard to do, if you sign up you only need to make 4 rec's for the enitre month--just one rec a week.  Check out this post for more info.

Come on fangirls, help keep our ship sailing. ;)
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I'm flying the [ profile] crack_broom this month, doing the Hermione/Severus rec's.

Crack_broom is a great resource for HP fic recs and is always looking for volunteers to rec a variety of HP pairings.

Just wanted to let eveyone know the the SS/HG queue is empty after this month, (June--along with December-- is free-flying month, a kind of free for all where anyone can post), but the months of May, July, Aug...etc, etc, etc... are up for grabs. It's not a hard task, four rec's for the month, and just check the memories to make sure your rec has not been made recently. Let's keep our favorite ship afloat by posting those recs of our fave fics.
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Just putting this out there, [ profile] crack_broom needs a rec'er for May for our lovely ship SS/HG. I'd volunteer, but I have several things going on in May and don't want risk not getting it done. You just have to make 4 recs for the the month and check their list to see that it hasn't been rec'd already (I believe the rule is if it's been rec'd before 2010 you can re-rec but only 2 of your 4 rec's can be re-recs).

Go to the Severus/Hermione list to sign up.

Let's keep the ss/hg Crack_Broom flying!


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