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So, I can now admit to writing for Besieging Miss Granger for [ profile] krissy_cits. The original prompt was: Hermione keeps bumping into Severus Snape, and she starts to wonder if it is REALLY coincidental or not.

I will admit I set out to write a much different story. I'd expected it to be a short 4 to 5k fluffy fic about Severus having a crush on Hermione but unwilling to reveal his feelings. Somehow along the way, that morphed into a mystery/stalker fic--at least Severus wasn't her stalker. Sometimes I hate it when plot bunnies escape their cage and go haring off on their own. :-) I'd like to thank my totally awesome beta [ profile] delphipsmith for her patience and amazing beta skills. She's a real peach.

I've enjoyed all of the great fic and art created for this fest. There are still a few fics I've not had a chance to read yet, but I will soon. I must say it all was excellent and I am in awe of the talent we harbor here in our little corner of the fandom. Many, many thanks to the wonderful [ profile] sshg_giftfest mods [ profile] delphipsmith and [ profile] dreamy_dragon73 for all they do to keep the fest going.

ETA:I almost forgot to mention that the background for this fic, Logralo's, the business shared by Luna, Hermione, and Neville, originally appeared in in a short ficlet titled Phoenix Feathers at Dusk that I wrote way back in 2009 when I was just trying out my fanfic wings. It was posted over at hpcon_envy in response to a prompt by bambu345. It's also at (where I post as magalena). It's certainly not necessary to read it before Besieging Miss Granger, but it shows how Logralo's got started. I always thought it would be fun to expand into that universe a bit so I had fun with it here.


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