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A HUGE THANK YOU to [ profile] rayvyn2k for the gorgeous fic she wrote for me at the [ profile] sshg_giftfest, titled To Have or Have Not.

Title: To Have or Have Not (The Severus & Hermione Version)
Pairing: Severus/Hermione, Lucius/Narcissa
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12K
Content: Elements of Noir. Off page torture. Off page death of OC family. Gruesome death of someone who deserves it. No other warnings apply.
Summary: Severus has left the Wizarding world and is living quietly as a Muggle boat captain in Dover, UK. He uses his boat to take tourists to Calais until Unspeakable Hermione shows up to ask a favor.
Author's Note: Prompt #5: After the war Severus survived he dropped out of the wizarding world. Several years later Hermione unexpectedly meets him again. Where do they meet, and what are they doing now? I'd like to see Severus doing something other than Potions or teaching, could be a related field or something completely different.
madeleone, your statement that Severus and Hermione are your "Bogey and Bacall" really struck a chord with me. When I received my assignment, I knew I had to find a way to work our heroes into one of B & B's movies. And which better than the one that started the real Bogey and Bacall romance?

I was totally blown away by this awesome fic. I had never seen the movie, but reading the Severus/Hermione version led me to seek it out as a Christmas gift for myself. Can't wait to watch it!
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OMG, OMH, OMG!!! Christmas has come early for me. My gift was posted today and it is brilliant!

When filling out the sign up form for giftfest one of the questions was: What you love about the SSHG pairing---and I said: I love the age difference, they are my Bogey and Bacall. My lovely Mystery Author took this idea and one of my prompts and ran with it, creating a story based on B&B's very first move together: 'To Have and Have Not'. So rush over to the [ profile] sshg_giftfest and read "To Have or Have Not" and leave my MA some love. :)
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Well I've found all these new LJ friends on [ profile] secretlypadfoot's friending meme. (Thanks so much BTW, it is nice to see my more postings on my flist). Since a lot of folks are doing an introductory post, I thought I'd join in.

first here is the info I posted on the meme

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Other fandom stuff:

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Real LIfe stuff:

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So that's all about me! Looking forward to getting to know my new LJ friends

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Condsider this my SED, although I'll be honest I'm probably not going to be able to manage everyday. :p

Today though, I am thankful to have the internet,(I'm also especially glad today to have it restored after being  out since last friday). But anyway,  the internet  has allowed me to 'meet' many wonderful friends, whom I otherwise would have never known. People from all around the country and around the world.  I once called my online friends my imaginary friends but then someone told me they aren't imaginary, they're invisible friends because although you may not see them, they are very real. How true it is!

The mail-lady brought a couple of surprise visitors to my house today. A birthday gift from my very dear friend  [ profile] talesofsnape thanks so much sweetie! They are adorable and I love them!



Nov. 1st, 2015 03:19 pm
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Just wanted to say a quick thanks for all the nice B'day wishes, here on LJ in posts and comments, and also on my madeleone FB account too. Also thank you to a couple special friends for some nice real and virtual gifts.

I had a lovely day, heard from three of my kids and had dinner out with the fourth kid and hubby. We went to Famous Daves, a BBQ joint chain, and had a delicious meal with enough for left overs yesterday.

Hubby and I don't usually do b'day gifts anymore, we're at a point where if we want something we just get it, ( well, within reason, no Lamborghinis or the like). My younger daughter sells origami owl jewelry, and just happened to be hosting an online party this weekend. So I ordered myself a nifty new watch, complete with two different bands and two face plates that I can switch out to change looks, and the face plates can be switched out with some of my lockets from there too. So versatile, I love it! Great B'day gift for myself.

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Sign Ups begin Sep 7 at [ profile] sshg_giftfest

I couldn't join last year because the writing time was right in the middle of our 4 week trip to Scotland and Ireland. But I'm free this year and have signed up. I'm a little nervous because I really haven't written much since the LBB of last year, but I'm hoping for inspiration. In the past, I've always seemed to do better writing to a prompt. Wish me luck!
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And it's the first in a very long time.

Posted at G/S100 for the multiple Snapes challenge: HERE.
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 photo crackbanner3.jpg.gif

I'm flying the [ profile] crack_broom this month, doing the Hermione/Severus rec's.

Crack_broom is a great resource for HP fic recs and is always looking for volunteers to rec a variety of HP pairings.

Just wanted to let eveyone know the the SS/HG queue is empty after this month, (June--along with December-- is free-flying month, a kind of free for all where anyone can post), but the months of May, July, Aug...etc, etc, etc... are up for grabs. It's not a hard task, four rec's for the month, and just check the memories to make sure your rec has not been made recently. Let's keep our favorite ship afloat by posting those recs of our fave fics.


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