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Bet you didn't even know I was gone. LOL! Hubby and I just got back today from a two week camping trip and I've been out of touch with internet and such. We spent a week at a National forest campground we like in NW Michigan in the heart of the woods and on the high banks of a creek. Also got to visit our youngest daughter and her family for a day and give our grandson some smooches and snuggle with his baby sis. Hubby also got meet our oldest son and grandson for a golf date one day too.

Then we moved on for the second week to another favorite campground of ours, a state forest campground on Little Guernsey Lake, this time, that is quite a bit off the beaten path and same son and his family joined us for a long weekend. We were lucky enough to get adjacent sites about 20 yards apart and the grandkids could run back and forth between us. The lake has good fishing--not my thing, but son, grandkids and hubby like it. Still, I'm just happy to chill out with my e-reader under the trees chasing the shade around as the sun slides across the sky. Something about being in the forest just recharges my batteries, my youngest daughter says the same thing, I tease her that we are descended from dryads. While drinking my morning coffee I could hear the loons calling to each other across the lake--heavenly.

It is good to get back to the comforts of home though. My seven year old grandson said before leaving, "I like camping, but I'll be glad to get back home where there's internet!"  I actually did have a fairly decent cell connection, but using my hotspot eats up my data so I only went online occasionally to make sure the rest of the world was still out there.

We're home for a brief week and a half and we'll be setting off again for our annual family camping trip. We scoped out a new campground while we were gone for this next trip, again a rustic state forest campground in the banks of the Platte River, which we've been told is great for tubing. My older daughter and her family are coming 'home' to Michigan for a week (they just moved to the DC area for son-in-laws work) and we're looking forward to a having a family get together with all four of our kids and their kids. Our truck and fifth wheel are getting a work out this summer for sure. 'Sighs,' retirement is good!

ETA:  Although sadly, I'm now terribly behind on the sshg_promptfest. It's going to take me a while to catch up!
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I'm more of a lurker than a poster but this deserves an update. I became a grandma again today, for the sixth time. Three of my four kids now have two each, coincidentally each has a boy and a girl in that order, (what's the odds of that I wonder?) Their ages are 7, 4.5, 3, 1.5, 9 months, and one day old.

Anyway here is our newest bundle of joy, born around noon today, Delaney Rose K., 8lb.4oz, 20'' long. Baby and Mom are doing fine.
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Once again everything is in a uproar in my LJ world with this new TOS thing. I skimmed it, was a little leary, but clicked agree anyway. As in previous incidents, I will continue here (at LJ) but keep DW as a back up for my journal. (I have been slightly better at importing it over to dreamwidth on a semi-regular basis instead of once a year or so).

Although I have seen one of my flisters comment she was no longer able to cross post, so that is worrisome (perhaps because she didn't agree to LJ's TOS? I'm not exactly sure though). I guess my next move is to hop on over to DW and do a post to see if it works for me crossposting here.

But for the most part, I'll be doing any posts, updates, and such here on LJ until it disappears.

ETA: I am madeleone to anyone who wants to add me over at DW. FYI you need to both subcribe and give access for us to be mutual friends.
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Happy New Year to everyone! And here's hoping that the next year is better than the last!

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