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Once again everything is in a uproar in my LJ world with this new TOS thing. I skimmed it, was a little leary, but clicked agree anyway. As in previous incidents, I will continue here (at LJ) but keep DW as a back up for my journal. (I have been slightly better at importing it over to dreamwidth on a semi-regular basis instead of once a year or so).

Although I have seen one of my flisters comment she was no longer able to cross post, so that is worrisome (perhaps because she didn't agree to LJ's TOS? I'm not exactly sure though). I guess my next move is to hop on over to DW and do a post to see if it works for me crossposting here.

But for the most part, I'll be doing any posts, updates, and such here on LJ until it disappears.

ETA: I am madeleone to anyone who wants to add me over at DW. FYI you need to both subcribe and give access for us to be mutual friends.
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Well I've found all these new LJ friends on [ profile] secretlypadfoot's friending meme. (Thanks so much BTW, it is nice to see my more postings on my flist). Since a lot of folks are doing an introductory post, I thought I'd join in.

first here is the info I posted on the meme

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Other fandom stuff:

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Real LIfe stuff:

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So that's all about me! Looking forward to getting to know my new LJ friends

LJ down!

Dec. 18th, 2012 07:48 pm
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Wahhh! I just logged on, all ready to read today's exchange fics and it appears LJ is down. How long has it been out? It says they are doing emergency maintenance! I hope this gets resolved soon, I need my ss/hg fix. :(


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